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Product information

Product model:WER3020/4040/6040/9060/1390/1325
Product information:

 Applicable industries: advertising decoration, craft and gifts, packaging and printing, toys, electron, model, building decoration, etc.

Applicable materials: acrylic, double-color sheet, MDF, non-metal materials like leather, cloth, rubber, wooden boards, bamboo products, organic glass, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, etc.


Precise engraving, professional engraving optical lens with more stable light beam.

Equipped with red light position, making locating more convenient and precise.

High-quality laser tube, laser power supply, reduce the failure rate.

Data output is more fully due to high-performance motherboard with anti-interference.

Lift platform is optional, the lifting height can be up to 300mm.

Rotary carving fittings can be optional according to customer requirements, to solve the difficulties in caring for cylinder and irregular products.

Compatibility of the software is very strong for friendly human-computer interface and demand of the industries on the spot.


Machine size: 1035x740x650mm(50w)


Machine color: blue-white, gray-yellow

Working area:  600x400mm

Engraving thickness: 0-20mm (depends on materials)

Cutting thickness: 0-20mm (depends on materials)

Engraving speed: 1-450mm/s

Cutting speed: 1-50mm/s

Laser power: 50w/60w/80w/100w

Laser type: sealed co2 laser tube

Cooling mode: water cooling protection system

Water protection: yes

Positioning way: red light positioning

Locating precision: 0.01mm

Work platform: fixed/honeycomb/lift platform

Lift range: electric regulation 0-300mm

Power supply: AC220V/110V 50HZ

Net weight: 75kg

Packaging: standard plywood case

System environment: windowXP/win7/8/10

Compatible software: coreldraw

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