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Product information

Product name:Waste clearance machine
Product model:801/802/803
Product information:

Products Introduction
(1) the local board for the printing industry, small and ordinary corrugated corrugated edge to remove the waste.
(2) compact, portable light weight design, easy to use,
The training of men and women can be as simple to operate.
(3) quick and easy clearance of waste, efficient clearance of human waste than the traditional 5-10 times more efficient,
Greatly shorten the delivery cycle.
(4) waste clearance compared hammer beaten, money not spent bonding injury site, significantly reduce the reject rate,
Increase the efficiency of processes.
(5) the use of the power source of gas motor, security is good.
(6) tooth chain through the use of high-strength alloy steel heat treatment process, high hardness, wear resistance, and long service life.
(7) applies to the scope of the paper: 200g/M2-500g/M2, single / dual Hang paper, cardboard mounted each other.

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